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Are Sanctuary Cities Being Sincere With Immigrants?

Are Sanctuary Cities Being Sincere With Immigrants?

In what seems to be an unconventional move by the White House, honestly speaking most moves by the White House are unconventional, by sending thousands of illegal migrants to sanctuary cities of political foes of Donald Trump. In this plan, the White House will select cities of political foes, in a strategic move, and have federal agents deliver thousands of detained people to said cities. 

It seems that the White House has proposed transporting detained illegal migrants to San Francisco, the district of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi according to DHS. House Speaker Pelosi for some reason, did not like the idea of this program, but she did not say exactly why. The White House is considering releasing detainees in other Democratic strongholds. According to Nov 6 emails, the White House asked, in an effort to alleviate a shortage of detention space in overcrowded centers, to bus them “to small and mid-sized sanctuary cities.”

Trump has openly discussed cases such as the one in which illegal immigrants have killed US citizens – including a notable case on a San Francisco pier in 2015. He says that sanctuary cities policies have endangered Americans and their families. Trump has cast these people are killers and drug dealers.

Trump argues that it is a public safety issue, but has pushed for busing migrants, to punish Democrats, to their cities. There are several whistleblowers who quietly leaked this information to the press. DHS officials claim this proposal has resurfaced several times over the past six months. Recently there is talk that Stephen Miller will be placed in a senior position to voice the Trump view on illegal immigrants.

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