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Are Far-Right Extremist Crimes Rising? No !

Are Far-Right Extremist Crimes Rising? No !

The main stream media has been selling a narrative that right-wing crimes are rising when in fact, they are not. The Wall Street Journal piece by Jo Craven McGinty. She points out that President Trump feels that Far-Right is not a problem, and she states that in the US it is not.

There has been an increase in some crimes but terrorism in many areas has not increased, according to University of Maryland. 

The TV media reports that surround the public about the Far-Right attacks are overstated and not back by facts. For decades there have been no more than 3 attacks per year, with 2014 showing seven and 2017 showing eight attacks. 

According to this article, START, the National Consortium to the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism at the University of Maryland shows that Far-Right crime has seen a change in reporting of statistics but not a change in crimes since 1970. Some specific areas have seen an increase but broadly speaking, many areas are not. 

The fear is there. It is that the waves of Islamist attacks in the US and Europe have triggered a response from bad actors in the US and Europe – this is path that all civilized Western societies must avoid. 

Since 1990, the number of people killed in the United States by Far-Right extremists is 477 on US soil in 214 attacks. In the Terrorism ranks, there have been 3,148 killed by Islamists since 1990, in 50 attacks. This includes Orlando, 9/11 and San Bernardino, as Islamists tend to kill in greater numbers when they do attack. 

Islamists sometimes attack in areas of freedom, the case in Orlando was an Islamist who saw two men kissing on a beach in Florida, and of course, in Shria Law this is punishable by death. The US does have a problem with Islamist terrorism but it fades in comparison to Europe which has a much higher number of Muslims in the Eurozone. 

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