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Apple Increases CEO Pay, Tim Cook Sees 22% Raise

Apple Increases CEO Pay, Tim Cook Sees 22% Raise

In a recent articles and audiovisual presentations, we at Classiarius have covered Apple and its strengths and weaknesses in the context of the future of Silicon Valley. Tim Cook and the world of Silicon Valley is under threat from internal enemies – these firms are seeing each other as rivals recently – as well as from abroad, the challenge from China is real as it builds a complete platform that will rival the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and other powerhouses from the US. The US and China will be battling while the states of Texas, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina are all taking firms from California. Have a look at our recent presentation on California.

Apple has seen sales of hand-held devices start to flatten out while profits continue to move higher. As a result of slower sales from challengers in South Korea and China, Apple announced that it will stop announcing the number of units of phones and other devices sold each month. This can only be a negative factor in how people view the tech giant. Note that we do not support any product but the key point is that the US firms are starting to mature with the market, changes are coming.

So Apple pays CEO Tim Cook 22% more than before. He got a $15.7 million raise in a market with flat iPhone sales and increasing profits. We sense that this could only mean that Apple sees itself as a firm moving to other modes of business and as such, sees Mr Cook as the leader of these evolving team. Apparently, Mr Cook got a $15 million cash bonus as part of this deal. How it is paid out, the details are not fully known but we would say that Mr Cook needs to perform to justify this increase in pay. We think he earned it and deserves it as Apple is moving into new markets in 2019 and 2020.

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