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Angela Merkel is Hacked, Personal Data Online

Angela Merkel is Hacked, Personal Data Online

The personal data from Angela Merkel and hundreds of German politicians and public figures is published online, even a twitter account that has since been shut down. The breach was clearly the result of a hack or leak, according to a spokesman from the Interior Ministry of Germany. The hackers published data including addresses, personal letters and even copies of the identity cards of some political figures. Of course, this was a compete embarrassment for Chancellor Merkel and her tight knit group of leaders. Personal data and documents from these officials were released, making it the most far-reaching cyber attacks in the country in history. 

This breach triggered an emergency meeting of the national cyber defense agency, according to an Interior Ministry spokesman. The information was shared with the public from a Twitter account, which has since been shut down, according to the New York Times. This powerful attack was the second in as many years, but it is important to note that it seems Ms Merkel and her party was singled out as a broad target. As of now, security officials have blamed most previous breaches on a Russian hacking group, of course this has been rejected by the Kremlin. 

German media said that a fax number and two email addresses used by Merkel had been placed on line, with most of the information and data drained from the chancellery and is related to the chancellor. Of course, government officials are alarmed as they they do not know the full extent of information taken. Some are saying it is the Russian group, APT28 that experts say is close to a Russian spy agency. 

According to the newspaper Bild, the German government has requested that the NSA in the US help in this investigation. All 7 parties in the Budestag lower house were affected except the AfD party. Now that is interesting. 

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