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Amazon, Bezos, Saudi Arabia – Spies Talking about Lovers

Amazon, Bezos, Saudi Arabia - Spies Talking about Lovers

Saudi Arabia accessed the data of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos which prompted his security chief Gavin de Becker to start looking into what information was leaked. The National Enquirer published a piece that contained intimate texts and photos that the Amazon CEO sent to his mistress, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. According to an article in CNBC by Spencer Kimball, 30 March, the view from Mr Bezos and his security team is that it was Saudi Arabia behind it.

De Becker said that the results of his investigation that he is conducting on behalf of Mr Bezos, will be turned over to the US, federal officials to be exact. One would think that the US government has little concern or interest in what a private citizen does on his spare time so this discussion could end as quickly has it started.

This seems to be connected with the fact that Mr Bezos owns newspapers and media firms that have focused on movements by the Saudi government. The Washington Post has produced a series of articles that focus on the post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and his death by the hands of what some believe was the Saudi Security Apparatus. One would naturally understand that the far left would focus on the Khashoggi case as it would be directly linked to President Trump and his Administration. Or at least that is what the press would want you to believe.

The international outrage has faded bu the view remains that the Saudis have been bad actors in some affairs, including this high profile murder of the Saudi journalist who worked at the Post. The Saudi Crown Prince has been making changes in the Kingdom, allowing women to drive cars, go to movie theaters and not be antagonized daily by the religious police in the Kingdom – the religious police follow women in public exacting justice on those who commit major infractions like not fully covering their heads or carrying books. Women reading in public, depending on the subject, can be a problem in the Kingdom.

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