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Alphabet Reportedly Paid Android Founder $90 Million, Despite Conduct

Alphabet Reportedly Paid Android Founder $90 Million, Despite Conduct

Google employees around the world staged a protests with hundreds of workers walking out of 20 offices – all at the  same time – 11:10 am in each office. They are enraged by the company paying an executive 90 million dollars of an exit package despite a credible sexual misconduct claim against him. This founder of Android, Andy Rubin, was forced to exit the company – some say he left on his own – after a New York Times report that dropped a series of bombs on this tech firm suggesting that some of the senior staff were out of control and the firm had some shocking sexual misconduct issues that must be resolved. 

The series of shocks hitting Silicon Valley companies, starting in 2014, just do not seem to end. More importantly, the senior management of these companies are slow to react to these challenges, showing holes in their experience. Some companies are seeing waves of managers leave, while new hires are taking over the Human Resources departments. It seems that the rage culture that we see on university campuses has now become a part of San Francisco corporate culture…..everybody is raging and everybody is a target. 

According to reports, Rubin left Google and agreed not to work at a rival firm nor disparage Google publicly. In return he was paid $1.25 to $2.5 million per month. This made the departure look amicable and for several years all looked normal. Then The New York Times shocked the Bay Area with this new attack on its culture. 

According to the report, Mr Rubin had his bonus docked for keeping sexual bondage videos on his work computer, and this report has even more damning claims against the corporate culture of these major tech firms. 

We at Classiarius predict that as the rage culture spills out of the university campuses into these firms, there will be more attacks on top talent. And the result will be that many top buy out targets will not sell to Google, nor other major tech names as one would feel that he or she is walking into a hornets nest – one could lose stock with no real evidence. 

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