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Abe Vows To Rework Constitution Despite Being Short on Supermajority, Our Views

Abe Vows To Rework Constitution Despite Being Short on Supermajority, Our Views

Despite the failure of the ruling coalition an its allies to maintain a critical two-thirds majority in the Upper House, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday that he is eager to make changes in the postwar Constitution – he plans to build a broad consensus with opposition parties according to the Japan Times in which we sourced this piece. The article was attributed to Tomohiro Osaki.

The LDP here in Japan is called the Liberal Democratic Party, with its junior partner called Komeito and conservative opposition party Nippon Ishin no Kai missed the 245-seat two-thirds majority. Without the supermajority in the Upper House, Abe will not be able to initiate a national referendum on revising the charter, a humiliating postwar imposition by the US-led Occupation forces. Japan has matured into an economy and political super power in the region and with a growing challenge from China and North Korea, must build out its defense forces. The US seems to be clear – give Japan its space to grow and protect itself.

Our Views: The Japan of 1940 and the Japan of 2019 are two different countries. The new Japan is more cooperative with many other countries, and has made it clear to China, and the Korean Peninsula both North and South, that they reject aggression and want peace. Mr Abe has scored wins in elections because of lower voter turnout which benefits his party.



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