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ABC News in US – Police Shootings, Race Not Predictive of Civilian`s Race: Study

ABC News in US - Police Shootings, Race Not Predictive of Civilian`s Race: Study

In a piece by ABC News attributed to Dr Aaron Cook, focuses on research that looks into racial disparities in officer-involved shootings and it is complete according to the data. It concludes that in 2015, the police officer`s race, sex, or experience level did not predict the race of the person fatally shot. According to this study, Dr David Johnson, a social psychologist at the University of Maryland, and his team say that white officers, for example, were not more likely than non-white officers to shoot civilians of a different race. Instead, if more violent crime in a given county was committed by individuals from one race, then someone of that same race was more likely to be shot by the police. In a county for example, in which more whites committed violent crime, more whites were fatally shot by police.

Starting in 2015, the Washington Post and The Guardian developed their own databases with more details on fatal police shootings, including where shootings occurred and description of the civilian killed, but no information about the officers. Johnson and his team reached out to 684 police departments where an officer had fatally shot someone in 2015, and obtained the race, sex and years on the force  of officers, from roughly 72% of the departments.

Our Views: It makes sense that all Americans will agree that the entire records should be posted of reviewed on TV, allowing the public to see the crimes in key neighbors and allow the faces of the criminals and police officers to be seen as well. Showing all facts is the best way to clean up the mess.



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