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A.I. Funding in the United States Should Increase – Former Head of Google

A.I. Funding in the United States Should Increase - Former Head of Google

China has been dumping vast amounts of resources into robotics, A.I. and Iot as well as other key technologies that in the long-run could put the US and Europe, and Japan as well, in the back seat of the technology world while China drives. While the US lacks an overall strategy for AI, countries like Japan clearly have their government and private sectors working together in a coordinated effort. China, being a command economy and able to target funds for specific outcomes, has a clear advantage.

China is aiming to be Number 1 in AI innovation by 2030 – clearly this is a country with a mission. Ian Bremmer, the US geopolitical strategist speaks highly of China and it commitment to the world of technology and targeted economic growth.

Mr Kai-Fu Lee, an expert of AI makes a point, “Double the AI research budget would be a good start, given that all other countries are so much farther behind US, and we are looking for the next breakthrough in AI.” Doubling the funding would double the chances that he next big AI achievement will be in the US. Mr Lee was talking to CNBC in an interview last week.

Mr Lee, whose book “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order” is both an investor and a promoter of AI and other tech. Note that Facebook and Google, as well as other luminaries from universities, were hired to work on AI in recent years. He also pointed to the immigration issue and that Phds should be offered green cards, when they visit the US, especially those who work in AI.

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