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A.I. and Robotics – 60 Million Jobs Created by 2022 ! Do not fear technology.

A.I. and Robotics - 60 Million Jobs Created by 2022 ! Do not fear technology.

The evidence suggests that AI and robotics are being developed at such a fast pace, and are able to stack on so many new skills that the average job such as truck driver or clerk will be out of a job sooner, rather than later. However, one report has found that new developments in technology will create volumes of jobs – and will create 60 million more jobs – net – by 2022. That`s right, despite the destruction of many jobs, the net created job count is 60 million new jobs. This a report from the World Economic Forum.

Bear in mind that historically technology has created jobs – net – over the past 100 years.

So it`s not surprising that this report has taken many of us by surprise as the doom and gloom of robots taking all positions from driving delivery trucks to taking orders at fast food establishments has caused the younger generation to worry about their future. But if history serves as a guide, the job count will increase in the next 10 years.

With developments in automation technologies and artificial intelligence likely to take away 75 million jobs, it could very well create another 133 million jobs, again by 2022. It is presented in a way that puts the human in the world of robots, only readjusting the division of labor between humans and machines.

Machines will be able to do about 42 percent of all current tasks in the workplace by 2022, compared to only 29 percent now. The topic of artificial intelligence will impact all factories and even parts of the service sector in the next 10 years. But again, the idea of job creation will continue to drive the net creation view forward. Despite expectations by companies that their workforces will shrink, many companies feel that that new positions will be created as new business opportunities present themselves.

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