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A.I. – A Code for Global Governance

A.I. - A Code for Global Governance

An interesting wave of discussions about the need to embrace rules and ethics with regards to A.I., many writers from Hong Kong to Tokyo, to New York are giving their views. In an interesting meeting recently, 42 countries from around the globe discussed governance and a framework for the future with regards to a system that few understand – artificial intelligence.

The accord, signed by the OECD countries such as the US, UK and Japan, comes when many countries are struggling with the ethics and practical use of A.I. and its applications in industry and new ecosystems. It has become a strategic priority for countries aoudad the work that are looking to become leaders in the applications of machine-learning algorithms from a wide range of sectors. This article was sourced from comments on Technology in the FT by Murgia and Srikanth.

The OECD principles emphasize the development of A.I. that respects human rights and democratic values. The standout was China, which did not endorse the principles, has developed a national system of strong and intense A.I. development which is called the New Generation A.I. Development Plan which was launched 2017. In the lead of course is the United States but China has been able to focus its resources and commit mountains of cash and human resources – and it looking to take the lead in this field. This has prompted US President Donald to start a US initiative in February 2019 with the same goals in mind.

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