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A Crypto Start-up with Global Aspirations (Start-up CoinJinja).

One of the most interesting points about the world of Japanese tech and the impact of the broad economic recovery that Japan is currently enjoying in 2017 and 2018 is the number start-ups and the stories behind them.
This is the first installment of this series about start-ups in Japan, and we seemed to have stumbled on a gem, a fascinating firm started by CEO & Co-founder, Mr. Lele Xu. Mr. Xu grew up in East China, an area called Hangzhou, and the home ground of Alibaba Group (BABA), near the city’s West Lake, a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Mr. Xu, being one of the first ordinary people in this area of China to have contact with a PC, got support from his father, and started studying DOS programming after receiving a book from his older cousin.  His parents rewarded his hard work by giving him his first computer.
Mr. Xu spent time, like most young and very eager men do when they are on a mission, programming during high school and college. While in school, he entered several programming contests and achieved a high mark by taking second place in Zhejiang province. This inspired him to study computer science at Fudan University, one of China’s best in class.
With dreams of building businesses, and after working at the subsidiary of a Japanese company in Shanghai, Mr. Xu moved to Japan and within 3 years, mastered Japanese.
After starting several ventures and of course selling them, Mr. Xu had an idea to step into the new world of cryptocurrencies. Seeing a gap and a clear need for information about cryptocurrency news in Japanese, he created a website called CoinJinja.com in 2017. As the site developed into a searchable directory featuring ICOs from around the world, it became the most popular resource of its kind for Japanese investors. Building on this success, in the second quarter of 2018, his team made the site’s content also available in English, Chinese, and Korean with the aim of attracting a larger audience worldwide.
Having built a series of companies, Mr. Xu Co-founded CoinJinja and developed the all-in-one cryptocurrency app CoinView; with a team that, would rather program than eat. The app soon became Japan’s most popular in its niche, as it enabled investors to monitor and manage their portfolios from a single interface. The app is more than just another market data and news aggregator but enables investors to connect a broad variety of crypto wallets and link exchange accounts.

In Summer 2018, Mr. Xu’s team stunned the crypto world by making CoinView the first app to enable its users to capitalize on the new trend of transaction-fee mining on next-generation exchanges such as BigONE, CoinEx, and FCoin.


CoinJinja is a young venture navigating the wave of new technologies in Asia, leading in a wave of new start-ups in the region.


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