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A Brief History Of Chaos – The New World Order

A Brief History Of Chaos - The New World Order (This is an article)

The World Order that we have known for hundreds of years was dominated by a group of countries that had the perfect geography, one that brought the people into a single and powerful ethnic group. They are distinguished by combination of flat land, river systems, and the ability to generate vast amounts of wealth with energy and food security. These countries were able to venture out and build empires that were protected by their Navys and resulted in riches beyond anyone`s imagination. These powers then faced off and competed for more territory and thus wars, lots of wars broke out. There have been hundreds of wars in Europe, and many disruptions for food. Bigger and more aggressive wars were fueled by the industrial revolution as the weapons of mass destruction were elevated to a level unseen before – this was World War II. The result was that all of these empires were destroyed, except a new one, the United States. The United States was the only country left standing, it took on this task reluctantly……but it did because of one key reason explained later in this presentation.

The United States asked the British, the French and other allies to to join a new system that allowed every country to trade with all members – the world moved from a hierarchical or pyramid structure of established colonial leaders to a decentralized or distributed network in which all countries had access to all resources.  War by nature, implies an ongoing command and control structure so naturally it was difficult to establish new networks and it took the destruction of all systems in WWII to allow the Bretton-Woods System a clear space to form and exist.

As an aside, keep in mind that distributed networks have existed throughout history and did not start in Silicon Valley with the social network companies.

And our generation has the luxury of knowing how things turned out – the countries that benefited most from the system, the countries that were at war for hundreds of years, suddenly had unfettered access to credit, energy, food and commodities, as well as a the US market to sell finished goods. When the US added the “protection factor” telling said allies that it would protect their capitalist systems from Communism and the Soviet expansion, they all were all happy to join this new system. So from 1944, the Bretton-Woods System, World Bank, the European Union, the Euro currency, the United Nations in its current form and eventually the World Trade Organization were formed – all as a result of the shock of World War II. These systems held like a global glue that ensured over 70 countries could join and participate in a free trade decentralized network. 

However, when China joined the system in the 1990s and the 2008 Great Recession hit, the posture of all members changed. The French and Germans reminded the US that the special relationship that North American and Western Europe enjoyed for decades was not as important, not like it was in the 1970s and 1980s.

The fear now is that many leaders forget that the past 75 years of peace in Europe, is the longest period of peace in Europe in the past 2,000 years by the way. Now with the Soviet Union collapsing in 1991, the US and its allies have been wondering what is the New World Order as the Bretton-Woods System, the World Bank, and the European Union, the unnatural and human designed constructs, are all breaking down as they are not needed anymore.

Before 1945, “Chaos” was the natural order of the world, and the so-called forced systems as a result of WWII have outlived their usefulness. Long before and long after President Trump the world was and will be moving to disorder and chaos in slow motion. It will very likely start to accelerate now that momentum has started.

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