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5G, Asia Transformation and Tokyo 2020 Olympics

5G, Asia Transformation and Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The new 5G network has the capacity to add volumes of content and new ideas to the internet, in an explosion of new talent, goods and services that will add trillions of dollars to the global economy. The key difference will be speed. The Speed Comparison charts show 3G as 1 hour and 8 minutes to download a 3GB movie file, while the 4G takes 40 minutes and the 5G will take 35 seconds – of course based on a network average.

Asia is now driving 5G with South Korea expected to be the first major nation to fully deploy 5G. China is pushing forward the US and Europe seem to be following. Japan is now focusing on 5G and if history serves us correctly, Japan will be a major contender in the future as there is a resurgence of new interest in new tech.

Now that 5G is known to push the IoT world and would be the engine of growth for this and many other industries, we can surely count Japan in the running for the future of new ideas. One of the promises of 5G is that it could connect developing countries in a way that allows them to see faster growth and a future that fast tracks their potential to put their best talent on center stage. More on 5G in the coming weeks. Also, keep an eye out for Japan and the G5 promise for the 2020 Olympics.



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