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2020: Will Uncle Joe Split the Party?

The 2020 presidential election has started to look more interesting as former Vice President Joe Biden officially declared he was running , as promised, and that he would be the last candidate to enter the race. The latest 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls are showing Biden with a lead at 31, Sanders at 20, and Harris with 8. Despite having a strong start, O`Rourke fell to 4 percent and Corey Booker to 2 percent.

Evidence shows that Bernie Sanders has a strong following with the youth, the Far Left leaning recent college graduates who are embracing free health care, free university and other systems of social support for the masses.

Its clear that the Radical Left-wing of the party will need a face and for now, it is Sanders, the 1970s Socialist who married and enjoyed his honeymoon in Moscow, in the Soviet Union.

This is no surprise as the winners of the Mid-terms, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilan Omar, are getting the most attention from the press who are now amassing a new base of the party. They are decidedly left leaning and surely will give President Trump and his team of Republicans a difficult race.

Trump, if he does win, will NOT win by a landslide, it could be closer than many think in fact. It might be a closer race with Bernie Sanders taking on Donald Trump, than Joe Biden, here`s why.

Joe Biden raised $6.3 million dollars in the first 24 hours after announcing that he will run but does he really have a chance?

Well first off, it was a smart strategic move, when Joe Biden told President Obama that he did not want an endorsement, for reasons we fully understand. This takes Obama off the hook and allows for the field to get the support of the people first.  Also was Obama who warned the Left about shooting other Democrats in a circular firing squad.

However, there will be issues for Joe Biden, as he is not able control himself, especially under pressure from the Far Left.

He may snap and make some rogue comments as he has done in the past simply because he is from an era of people doing exactly that, telling it like it is. Keep in mind that unlike Obama, who had 100 percent of support from the press, even the left leaning press will take shots at Biden.

He is not used to being the front runner and not used to being attacked from within the party. Some on the Left say, “Biden is pretending to be progressive and woke.”

It is also critical to understand that he will be asked tough questions from the media, again a situation that he has never experienced. The new Democratic Party has embraced Identity Politics and Joe Biden has used language that surely makes him an ally, but he is after all a Privileged Cisgender, Christian, older white male, who might just spit the party in 2020 as the youth will view him as the enemy.

Pay critical attention to a report released several days ago, that found that 20 percent of Sanders supports would rather vote for Trump over any other Democrat.

More importantly, President Trump has just started calling Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe  and this could be another name that sticks, and hurt Biden`s chances of winning even the  Democratic nomination.



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