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2020 Update – Biden Polls 21 Points Ahead of Field

2020 Update - Biden Polls 21 Points Ahead of Field

For several months now we have said that until Joe Biden becomes a stated candidate for the 2020 race, it is pointless to try to handicap it as the Democrat field without Biden is clearly incomplete. Bernie Sanders and others seem to be crashing but it is Beto O`Rourke who shocked the field. Think about Beto being called the Bobby Kennedy of our time, moving through parking lots on his skateboard with the kids of the neighborhood, Beto seemed to be a victim as he just suddenly fell on the polls. He dropped from a high of 9.5% to a recent 4.3% and is still falling.

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With Bernie Sanders taking the middle lane in the race those who want to get behind Bernie can ride along with him. Pete Buttigieg is now showing support numbers around the 8.4% and seems to successfully ride the Bernie wave, sometimes using some of the same policy views – staying close to Bernie Sanders is a smart strategy for now at least. Harris jumped to 12.5% at one point but she has now fallen to the 7.2% level and has not fallen further. Both Elizabeth Warren and Harris are in the 7 to 8% range and at least for now, are holding this level. The Joe Biden levels of 39% or thereabouts in recent polls is not surprising.

The other candidates have embraces some of the more radical views on the Left which represent about 8 percent of US society and therefore are not main stream. Biden is likely the front runner for now but will it be Bernie or Harris in second? Our view is that Sanders will fade and Harris will move higher, maybe for Vice President?

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